Thoughts from the first Ansible Brisbane meetup

Tonight we had the first Ansible Brisbane Meetup. It was relatively well attended, and there were a lot of interesting questions following the talks.

I spoke first, on What Ops Can Learn from Dev, an Ansible-tailored talk about applying software development practices to configuration management.

There were a couple of questions on role versioning and ansible-review.

Angus Scown followed with a great lightning talk on Thoughts moving from Puppet to Ansible — I think Angus’ points resonated with a lot of people. Testing came up again as a common theme — how much should one rely on a framework and what should you test. This reminds me that I’d quite like to brush off ansible-testing — most of the fundamentals of application testing can be done with things like the url and assert ansible modules.

We broke for pizza following the talks, and quite a few people drifted off — some people would have had to go, and we were getting to the end of the scheduled time, so I don’t know how much was natural attrition and how much was lack of re-focussing back on to the second half.

But we still had plenty of people to discuss future topics, and we’ll firm up the schedule for next time in the next week or so — we probably have enough ideas for the next two meetups as well as some loose commitments for talks in three months time.

If anyone has any feedback, please just email me or DM me on twitter (links below).